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Support our elephant during this tough time

For 10 years Adventures With Elephants has been a fixture in the wider Bela Bela community. Over the years we have grown into the top tourist place to visit. Adventures With Elephants have also been conducting community upliftment programs, we assist with community security, and has become a renowned research center. We are also proud that we are a provider of jobs to people of the local community who give tours, clean, maintain the facility, and take care of our very special ELEPHANTS!!


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused large cancellations in booked tours and travel to the region as a whole. We completely understand the desire not to travel right now and we fully support it. The large scale cancellation of visits to the region is resulting in us looking at ways to keep feeding our elephants and ensuring that none of our staff lose their jobs. We are asking you to consider making a small donation to help save our Visitor Centre and support our elephants through this tough time! We operate on very thin margins and do so in order to better the community we serve and the world and elephants at large.


R100 will buy a bale of hay, our aim is to reach 2000 people paying just R100 a month which will cover our elephant food costs.

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The Rory Hensman Conservation & Research Unit,
First National Bank,
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