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Our aim at Adventures With Elephants is to invite terminally ill children and their immediate families to come and visit our Herd of Gentle Giants as we hope to create lasting memories for all concerned. We will be doing this twice a month. We are asking sponsors to help cover meal costs as we want to entertain the families with a small picnic at AWE overlooking the dams on the property and assist with transport costs for those who cannot afford to travel. Part of the fundraising will support the Children, and interest will go to our Elephant Care Fund to cover any medical or emergency expenses for our elephants. We will also be inviting groups of kids from Reach For A dream to come out once a month to participate in our elephant educational experience.


We are in the process of getting a mascot suit made of our Elephant (See attached), which we will visit hospitals with to help raise children’s spirits, as well as spread the word that we are inviting the kids out to meet our elephants. Further, the mascot will tell kids about elephants, such as their biology, behavior, etc., and the threats and challenges they face in an ever-modernizing and overpopulating Africa, humans being similar to cancer destroying our world.


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